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It would be an understatement to say that SPYGENIUS as a band are riding high despite the times, with their ambitious 2020 double album MAN ON THE SEA having been declared Album of the Year at HERE COMES THE FLOOD among many other accolades. The new record is something completely diferent, albeit sparkling with the same heady psych-pop guitars, intricate keys and distinct harmonies that've defned the band since their inception. Here they've taken a break from crafting their own original tunes to pay tribute to their infuences and even their contemporaries, and tackled an eclectic and revelatory set of covers. The chosen tunes span the full continuum of the pop-rock era, giving us a peek into their own musical infuences but most importantly serving up a set that's just as sly, textured, and fun as anything the Canterbury foursome has ever recorded.

Spygenius Blow Their Covers

    1. Paper Sun (Traffic) / Love Is Only Sleeping (The Monkees)
    2. So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Gene Clark)
    3. Therapy (Plasticsoul)
    4. Come On Home (The Springfields)
    5. Griselda (Michael Hurley and The Unholy Modal Rounders)
    6. Is That Love (Squeeze)
    7. Please Stop Talking (Kelly's Heels)
    8. For Pete's Sake (The Monkees)
    9. Murrumbidgee Whalers (Harry Robertson)
    10. Queen Of Eyes (The Soft Boys)
    11. Step Inside Love (Cilla Black)
    12. Rock & Roll Woman (Buffalo Springfield)
    13. Michael Caine (Madness)
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