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Pacephale 2016

They’re quirky as all get out – song titles such as “And Her Snakes Were Decked with Smiles” and “The Friendly Stars That Glow” would seem to bear this out - but never at the expense of putting their snazzy melodies or trippy, tricky lyrics across. Spygenius’ entertaining ‘Pacephale is a 13-song concept record originally released in 2016 by the UK quartet, and now given new life by the good folks at the fledgling Southern California-based Big Stir Records label. (Having called this a concept album, I must admit I’m not quite clear on what the actual “concept” is, but it certainly hasn’t prevented me from digging the hell out of this record.) Very nice. 

Grade: A- Goldmine Mag.


Track Listing:

1. Shall I Show You in My Mirror?

2. Back Door Son of Man

3. Heathen

4. The Friendly Stars That Glow

5. (Rock and Roll Is An) Old Man's Game

6. Eucalyptus and Cigarettes

7. Get Over Yourself!

8. You and Me and Jiminy C

9. Godfearing

10. S.O.B

11. Solness

12. Ill Fitting Suit

13. And Her Snakes Were Decked with Smiles

Pacephale CD

  • £1 postage for within the UK and £2 for international postage

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