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New album - released 24th June 2022. 


We have a brand new album on CD with 11 new originals including the lead single/focus track “Son Of The Morning, Go Man Go!” Our seventh album, JOBBERNOWL follows the acclaimed and ambitious 2020 double LP MAN ON THE SEA and 2021 tribute collection SPYGENIUS BLOW THEIR COVERS.
“It's mostly about bereavement, you know. That and epistemology,” says singer, guitarist and chief songwriter PETER WATTS. But if that suggests that JOBBERNOWL is a continuation of the absorbing moodiness of Man On The Sea, it takes little more than hitting “play” to reveal that this album is involving in a very different way. The punning title of lead track “I Dig Your Your New Robes, Pierre!” gives the game away, and the groove that comes blasting out of the speakers – anchored by a tasty retro organ groove from keyboard player MATT BYRNE and propelled forward by the rhythm section of drummer ALAN CANNINGS and bassist RUTH ROGERS – is positively ebullient and even danceable. The surreally bluesy rocker “Sky Pie, Century 21” follows and keeps feet moving even as Watts unspools what must be the most erudite set of lyrics ever to start with the words “Now daddio, you gotta listen!” SPYGENIUS may be grappling with the tough stuff, but they're here to rock, not mope, and the tension kicks the record into high gear from the get-go.


    1. I Dig Your New Robes, Pierre!
    2. Sky-Pie, Century 21
    3. 2020 Revision
    4. Son Of The Morning, Go Man Go!
    5. All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
    6. The Marvellous, Mendacious Time-Machine
    7. Mandy Rice-Davies Applies
    8. Screwy
    9. Metamorphosis
    10. Of Narcissus
    11. Foucault Swings Like A Pendulum Do
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