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Comforting Suture 2012

Opus three from Spygenius HQ, and it’s “loads of fun for everyone” (Powerpopaholic). This disc offers a shedload of fan faves including ‘California Sunshine’ (which is about growing up in South London, bizarrely…), Autoclave (check out the cool animated video!) and the Spygenius version of the Murrumbidgee Whalers 'Giving Way to Trains'. This British quartet plays vibrant minor key rockers inspired by classic sixties Brit bands such as Fairport Convention, the Move, the Beau Brummels and yes, the Beatles. They also sound similar to the under-appreciated Velvet Elvis whose 1988 record was produced by Mitch Easter. The spy movie goof "Spygenius" leads into "Furniture Boats" which sounds a little like Fairport Convention and Knots & Crosses. Spygenius' two guitars perform intricate tight maneuvers on "Kevin," like two Blue Angels playing leap frog. "Here We Go Again" has madrigal-like boy/girl vocals and the slow churn of a steamship. "All My Skeletons" is churning Brit rock with gorgeous chords, somewhere between Beau Brummels and Beatles. "California Sunshine" is a Byrds-like song with a rainbow bridge. The McCartney-esque "The Void" is an acoustic whistling past the graveyard charmer about the afterlife. 'K Is Mentally Ill," another chiming power popper about a serious subject has a Chad & Jeremy feel to it, with boy/girl vocals.' Pop Geek Heaven Review 2012.


Track Listing

1. Spygenius 65

2. Furniture Boats

3. Kevin

4. Here We Go Again

5. All My Skeletons

6. California Sunshine

7. Autoclave!

8. A Room, Full of Telephones

9. Hegemon boldly combats the forces of chaos and insurrection: the outcome remains uncertain...

10. The Void

11. Giving Way to Trains

12. K is Mentally Ill

13. Adamsdown

Comforting Suture CD

  • Postage is £1 for within the UK and £2 for international.

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