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A classic British four piece pop-combo based in Canterbury and South London. Catchy pop songs, lyrical wit (with many a twist!) and elaborate harmonies to boot. What’s not to like!?…

Spygenius are Peter Watts (frontman and guitar), Ruth Rogers (bass), Matt Byrne (keys) and Alan Cannings (drums) - and everybody sings. Their music has echoes of all those classic 60s ‘B’ bands – Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, Bonzos. But it equally resonates with college-radio darlings of later generations like XTC, The Smiths, Robyn Hitchcock, R.E.M. There’s a lot of musical bric-a-brac in there too – souvenirs from surf and psych, folk and exotica, lounge and blues, rock and roll. The songs are carefully crafted: memorable melodies, heavenly harmonies, gorgeous guitars, perfect percussion, bitchin’ bass and kinky keyboards abound.


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